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Totally Stoked is Baltimore's top 90’s and 00’s Rock band and our goal is to bring the party everywhere we go!

Totally Stoked will take you back to the days of Doc Martens, slap bracelets, beepers, flip phones, and frosted tip hair styles. Who can forget the great times we had at parties singing along to songs that spoke to us or cruising to the beach listening to a mix tape we made from the radio? We didn't care that we pushed the record button too soon capturing the DJ's voice. The only thing that mattered is we had the tunes from our generation on tape.

Do you remember standing in line for hours with your friends just so you could rock out with your favorite bands? Totally Stoked wants to bring back those memories of easier times when we didn't have a care in the world.

The only thing that mattered back then was who won the last game of flip cup, how many people you could fit into your friends hoopty, or who could do a keg stand the longest.

Totally Stoked wants to create new memories with our fans and friends that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We're Totally Stoked, are you?

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For booking information, song requests, questions or comments, hit us up on the form below! 

Thanks for Submitting and Rock On!

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